The difference between a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.

The difference between a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.

    :The conscious mind

    You use your conscious mind to do thinking, doubting, guessing, wondering, calculating, and digesting things. It is more like a sieve that leaves everything out of it after it performs a liquidation process for what there is no desire for it. However, all that is focused on the attention of your conscious mind is recorded in the form of a mental image, and carries to your subconscious mind, the unconscious mind, where it is placed in the file of return to him in the future.

    You may not know that your conscious mind is not of strength or creative ability, because its ability ends with his skill in handing your unconscious mind to his reactions, and his thoughts related to matters of importance to you.

    :The unconscious mind

    As for your subconscious mind or subconscious mind, on the contrary, it has unlimited creative power, it cannot think as we have already said as long as thinking is a characteristic of your conscious mind, and from here if your conscious mind has not warned you of a wrong mental image, carry it to your unconscious mind, then Your subconscious mind will not do anything, and you will not be asked about the negative result that can be caused by this wrong mental image in your life. Wrong mentality is the substitution of the correct type of mental image Wrong pictures before you have a chance to engage in the wrong images.
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