The hands expose the woman’s mood and behavior ..

The hands expose the woman’s mood and behavior ..

    If the woman faced a situation that called for panic, she indicated the severity of her emotions by
    raising her hands to the air, and bending her fingers, so this means that she is a sensitive woman and is not without any selfishness, that bending the fingers at the sign is a symbol that always expresses the mood of the person who puts himself before each soul, As for straightening the fingers when pointing and extending the palm rest, it always means that the person is less selfish and cares about life in general.

    And the woman who shuts hands when talking is a woman who weighs what she says is heavy weight, does not rush to assert anything, and does not give up her opinions easily, and on the contrary, the woman who frequently moves her hands when speaking is a little stable and subject to emotion and change.

    As for the woman who conceals the thing in her hands if she examines it, she is a woman who is thin in nature and aware, and for this it is better to be a nurse or a mother, and the girl who examines the thing with a boldness is a female who is passionate and loves to analyze. Crises in life.

    A girl who clings her toes while listening to the talk indicates a mental awakening and an interest in what is around her, but the woman who listens while she is sitting on her chest indicates that she is not convinced or approved, and the woman who moves her feet during the conversation indicates that she is mentally superficial, and has a quick mix Boredom of research.

    And the woman who reaches her hand to take something so that her fingers curve sharply, and each hand directs a different direction, as she is a female eager to own property, stubborn in preserving what she has and the stinginess of the tunnels.

    And the way in which a woman smokes her cigar is also indicative of some of her moral aspects, so if she carried the cigarette and her fingers close to the place of the fire she was a bold woman, and if she carried her and her fingers away from the fire she was a coward woman, but the time she smokes the cigarette while she always carries between her lips she is a female with bundles And determination.
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    أهوى الكتابة وتصفح مجالات العلم على اختلاف مناهجه وعلومه, وهذا ما دفعني الى التدوين هنا .

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