Try to read quickly.

Try to read quickly.

    For many of us, reading is no longer a pleasure or a means of rest. For fear of being lost in the midst of business, you see them compelled to read a range of messages, reports, professional bulletins, and notes that it is an abundance of words that they have no end. And when there is a need to obtain a position or obtain a promotion, the ability to read quickly and digest what we read becomes an effective factor in determining success or failure

    ...Ten tips

    :Here are some tips on how you, reader, can practice on your own

    If you cannot enjoy yourself from moving your lips and uttering every word, which rules you to slow reading, put your finger on your mouth and keep it fully applied until you can overcome this bad habit

    If you are used to enjoying the words and signs with your finger, hold the text that is read by both hands. Choose to read a quiet place where nothing distracts you or occupies your mind as much as possible, but beware that you do not take advantage of isolation and calm to meditate and dreams. Strive yourself to limit your attention to what you read

    If you come across new words, try to understand their meaning according to the context of the speech, and do not return to the dictionary except later

    To flutter your eyes above the lines, try to understand at once the meaning of a whole sentence

    Do the race with the alarm clock as much as the words of this article or this chapter and set a maximum deadline for yourself, then set the alarm on this basis, and strive to finish reading what you have set before the alarm rings, and then make the maximum time limit shorter and shorter over the days

    After reading a section at your maximum speed, set a time to stop in order to briefly outline the writer's thinking butter and verify the accuracy of your briefness by returning to reviewing the text itself again

    Never turn back, once your eyes pass through words, you should ignore their existence. You will be amazed to know that you did not miss an essential point

    Try not to read anything other than names, descriptions and verbs so that you can see what you can extract in this way from the text that you read. Underline it. This helps you start and stop laying lines when this method gives tangible results

    Draw a vertical line in the column of the newspaper and follow this line with your own eyes, trying to understand the meaning of the words on both sides of the line

    He trained constantly, in that the secret of success and believed that this game deserves fatigue
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    أهوى الكتابة وتصفح مجالات العلم على اختلاف مناهجه وعلومه, وهذا ما دفعني الى التدوين هنا .

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