method to cook chicken with ginger and groundnut

 method to cook chicken with ginger and groundnut


    - for beauty:

    Green coriander: Large spoon (chopped)
    Lemon paper: Large spoon (washed)
    Ginger: as desired (mashed)

     chicken: 200 g (evacuated from the bones, cut to cubes)
     ginger: A quarter of a glass ( fresh and mashed)
     peanuts: 2 large spoon
     soy sauce: Large spoon
     the curry mash: Half a glass (red)
     the curry powder: Large spoon
    the vegetable oil: 2 large spoon
    chicken soup : 3 cups
    condiment- chicken: Large spoon
    Indian switch - mash: 2 large spoon
     the fish sauce: 2 large spoon
    sugar: Large spoon

    Preparation method

    Add the chicken cubes to a bowl, with fresh ginger, peanuts,  soy sauce , ketchup curry and curry powder. Then moves this well.
    Heating oil in a pan of deep; Fry the chicken cubes on a calm, to exit the water of chicken ,. then, put the  chicken soup, to full of all mix, they disperse the condiment chicken.
    Add pasta Indian switch with fish sauce and sugar to tranquil fire.


    Bring a pan on fire, then pour into a presentation, which beauty it  with coriander leaves, lemon and fresh ginger and peanuts.

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    أهوى الكتابة وتصفح مجالات العلم على اختلاف مناهجه وعلومه, وهذا ما دفعني الى التدوين هنا .

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