Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima

    Aunt Jemima Brand to Change  its name and Image to ‘Racial Stereotype’

    Quaker Oats, which has the 131-year-old brand, said it would retire the brand as it worked “to make progress forward racial equality.”

    The Aunt Jemima character has originals in a 19th-century minstrel song which showed nostalgia for the antebellum South.

    Aunt Jemima, the famouse syrup and pancake-mix brand that marketed itself with imagery of the slavery-era South, will have a new name and image after Quaker Oats, its parent company, acknowledged that its origins were “based on a racial stereotype.”

    On Wednesday this week, the company, owned by PepsiCo for soda drinks, said it was taking “a diffecult look at our portfolio of brands” as it worked “to creat improvment toward racial equality through many initiatives.” Packaging changes, first reported by NBC News, will appear toward the end of the year, with the name change coming soon after that.

    • The Aunt Jemima brand, has been founded in 1889, was built on images of a black woman character that promoted an untrue and nostalgic view of slavery in the United States. A former slave portrayed and drew the character at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, and a white actress known for performing in blackface played Aunt Jemima on a radio series in the 1930s.

    In magazine and news paper advertisements throughout much of the 20th century, the character was shown serving white families. Aunt Jemima went through many redesigns over the decades. In 1989, Quaker Oats substantially revised the character’s look back, adding pearl earrings and a lace collar.

    PepsiCo was already familiar with the fallout but In 2017, after a backlash, it apologized and said sorry for running a commercial that revealed Kendall Jenner, a white model, delivering a can of Pepsi to a white law enforcement officer at a Black Lives Matter protest and march.

    “While work has been made over the years to improve the brand in a manner intended to be appropriate and respectful for all people, we realize those changes are'nt enough,” said Kristin Kroepfl, Quaker’s maneger marketing officer, in a statement.

    PepsiCo has bought Quaker Oats in the year 2001, inheriting the Aunt Jemima brand. Ramon Laguarta, the chief executive of PepsiCo, wrote in an article in Fortune this week that “the trip for racial equality has long been part of our company’s DNA in our history.”

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