Blackout Tuesday sees social media users are not posting in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

    The message is to make sure that solidarity with those standing in the US following the killing of George Floyd in police custody.

    Once a person posts, they then commit to not putting anything else on social media for the remainder of the day, effectively boycotting different platforms.

    Basically, the movement was lounched by the music industry, where a number of stars committed their standing by neglicting social media for a day in addition to not starting new music.

    Now famous people from numerous industries and even huge companies have joined forces with the public to promote the anti-racism message in a global way.

    Individual news are now full of the black squares, with the likes of England striker Marcus Rashford, Drake and Rihanna between those to publish black squares to their account.

    Some have argued the use of the photos with the Black Lives Matter hashtag means important information is being not found, however, requesting instead that the hashtag is left off and will stay untill that ends.

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