Edward colston statue

Edward colston statue

    BLM protesters topple statue of Bristol black people  trader Edward Colston
    Statue which had long been a vital point of local anger events on harbour and into Avon

    Black Lives Matters protesters in Bristol pulled down a statue of the slave buyer and seller Edward Colston.

    Demonstrators hold a rope to the Grade II-listed statue on Colston Avenue on Sunday before pulling it to the ground as crowds became happy. They then jumped on it and rolled it down the road to the harbour before pushing it into the Avon river.

    The historian David Olusoga said why the statue made people so fariouse, comparing it to the toppling of the statue of presedent Saddam Hussein in Iraq. However, the home secretary, Priti Patel, fight the police to take action. She told Sky News: “I believe that is utterly disgraceful and that says to the acts of public troops that have actually now become a distraction from the cause in which people are protesting about.”

    Supt Andy Bennett, of Somerset and Avon police, said his power was carrying out an investigation into criminal damage.

    The 18 feet bronze statue, pointed in 1895, has long been a vital point for anger at the city’s role in the slave trade and the keeping commemoration of those who were inclode in it.

    A petition to remove it garnered more than 11,000 signatures for people. It said: “While history shouldn’t be forgotten, these people who benefited from the enslavement of people do not deserve the honour of a statue. This should be reserved for those who bring about positive change and who argue for peace, equality and socialist unity.”

    Colston’s company exchanged more than 100,000 slave from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas between the year 1672 and 1689, cramming them into ships to maximise profit money.

    The slaves, including women and children, were branded on the dick with the company’s first, RAC. Unhygienic conditions, dehydration, dysentery and scurvy killers killed more than 20,000 during the crossings and their bodies were thrown eveywhere.
    what a sad sciene cant imagine !
    The Bristol West MP, Thangam Debbonaire, now the shadow housing secretary, joined calls for the statute to be taken down in 2018. She said to the city “should not be honouring people who benefited from slavery and it deserves what happened ”.

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