Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer

    Keke Palmer was there protesting on Tuesday in Hollywood when she came upon one of the National Guardsmen who were deployed on the streets. She asked a group of them to march with the protestes but they turned her unsatisfied.

    Palmer, who lounched in Akeelah and the Bee and whose recent credits involves Hustlers and Berlin Station, was with a people protesting the killing of George Floyd at the arms of Minneapolis police a week ago. “You have to understand what’s  happening,” she told the well-armed and camouflage-clad soldiers. “We have a president who’s trying to incite a race war.”

    NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz was on hand and recorded the incident;.

    The actress continued to speake over her case, ultimately asking them to be with her and the crowd. “We need you,” she said. “So protest with us. March beside us. You get your people. March beside us. March beside us. Let the revolution be televised.”

    At that point, one Guardsman extended his hand, but Palmer said: “No, no — let’s just do it. We start protesting, and you protest with us. Please.” As some in the crowd began to be happy and cheer to urge them on, the Guardsman explained that he couldn’t leave his post but offered “to march through this street with you guys.”

    Palmer continued to pleed, and he reiterated that he had a job to do.

    At that time, a woman next to Palmer asked the Guardsmen: “Can you do me a favor? Can you take a kneel?” He replied, “Absolutely,” to which  Palmer said, “I don’t know — that isn't enough for me.”

    But the man took a knee, and several other members of his unit joined him, one by one.

    And that was enough to show the unity of the people against the politic in the US . 

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