Lloyds and Halifax

Lloyds and Halifax

    Lloyds and Halifax customers suffering to log on as payments due

    Customers of Lloyds Bank and Halifax are suffering to be online as payment are due out on the 1st of the month - but the bank is saying that it's still "working normally"
    Lloyds and Halifax customers have complained about experiencing essues entring online and mobile banking this day.

    The banks' status home page shows that services are "working normally", but that hasn't stopped people arguing to social media to complain about essues.

    "What’s happening with the application....not working AGAIN!!!," One wrote to the Lloyds on Facebook site .

    Another added: "Your internet banking is going down and your call centre keeps cutting me off."

    A third said on Twitter: "First day of the month, bills to pay, Internet banking is down - so is the mobile app."

    A Halifax customer added on Twitter: "I have been trying for almost an hour now to reach you by phone or online. Both are not working. All I want to do is figuer out the current balance on my c/card. This shouldn't be diffecult. The website keeps going down , and the automated phone line doesn't tell you your balance or any details about your account ."
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