PS5 playstation5

PS5 playstation5

    The PS5's weird and strange design is the talk of the world

    • Why I should hate the design of the PS5
    After many months of speculation and questionable waiting concept designs from eager fans, Sony has finally revealed and showed what the PS5 looks like. And frankly, I think it's hideous.
    The PS5 has got a polarizing design to tell the least. At a glance, it produces and makes the same reaction as when you put a spoon of Marmite in your mouth for the very first time – you either wrench in disgust or are pleasantly amazed . There's no in between and for the record, I hate Marmite.

    If you were too kind, though, you could say the PS5 is reminiscent of something the PC manufacturer Alienware would produce. But I personally cant agree more with the less flattering comparisons that are going around the internet: Sony’s console does look like a Wi-Fi router or a cheap knock-off.

    From its strange and wiered popped collar to its inhaled middle and two-tone colour scheme, the PS5 is at odds with almost each piece of technology I've ever owned. There’s no getting away from the fact this is a gaming console, either, and Sony seemingly wants everyone to know it. While I have no qualms with that, I’d still prefer something that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. A console should be, ideally, complement my existing home entertainment devices and pieces, specially if it’s going to be around for five plus years.
    If you want to go hard on the gaming aesthetic like Nintendo did with the GameCube, then that's fine. I bloody love that purple cube. But this feels like Sony is trying to prove its console is some sort of space-age technology, which doesn't really hold up when we already know that the Xbox Series X trumps it when it comes to technical specs.

    With  both versions of the PS5 available, it’s clear that compromises were made and consested to the original vision of the console’s design. The PS5 Digital Edition, which removes the 4K Blu-Ray drive, looks like the console Sony really wants people to buy and the one which would prefer to use in all its marketing material. 

    The standard model and designe, though, is blighted by an unsightly spare tire in the form of the disk drive. It damige any symmetry Sony was clearly aiming for and it’s plain weird to look at – it appears as though it's been bolted on at the last second. 

    Sony definitely needs people to stand the console up vertically also. Yes, it could be placed horizontally, but it looks rather awkward and weired – the console looks to be almost balancing on the accompanying plastic stand. 

    With proves pointing towards the PS5 being absolutely gargantuan in size, you will need to make ample room for Sony’s towering piece of plastic, too, no matter which orientation you would like. If the comparisons people have made based on the console's disk drive are anything to go by, this will be the huge console Sony has ever made – and it's comically big.

    • Despite Sony’s best efforts to inspire a different reaction, the console’s appearance is ultimately cheapened by its plastic design

    The DualSense PS5 controller seems far more appealing to me, and manages to retain a premium look. But the console misses the mark completely and entirely. I can’t envision it speaking pride of place in my living room, and I can almost feel it creaking in my hands as I summon the strength to move it.

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