A statue of Christopher Columbus

A statue of Christopher Columbus

    Marchers put down, threw a statue of Christopher Columbus into Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    Demonstrators madr ropes to topple the monument near the Little Italy neighborhood, news outlets have been reported.

    Protesters mobilized by the killing of George Floyd at the hands of policemen have called for the removal of statues of Columbus, Confederate figures. They say the Italian explorer is responsible for the genocide and exploitation of orginal peoples in the Americas.

    Due to The Baltimore Sun, the statue is owned by the city and dedicated in 1984 by former Mayor William Donald Schaefer and President Ronald Reagan.

    spokesman for Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young said to The Sun the toppling of the statue is a part of a national and global reexamination over monuments “that may represent several things to several people.”

    “We realize the dynamics that are playing out in Baltimore are part of a national narrative,” Lester Davis said.

    Statues of Christophe Columbus have also been toppled or vandalized in cities like Miami; Richmond, Virginia; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Boston, where one was decapitated.

    Over the July the fourth weekend, protesters held rallies, marches and sit-ins in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and more than a lot of other U.S. towns and cities.

    We regect to celebrate': July the fourth protesters say not all the Americans are free

    On Friday, protesters blocked a highway leading up to Mount Rushmore, where President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak. Police used pepper spray and arrested the protesters, who fought the land in which the monument lies on – Black Hills – was measured from the Lakota Sioux by the U.S. government in the 1800s, and that the Trump administration opposes the interests of Native Americans and other minority and less groups.

    On Saturday in the nation's capital, where Trump planned to host hundreds of people at the White House for music and fireworks, organizers led several demonstrations across the city amid the 90-degree heat. Dozens of veterans marched in support of Black lives near the National Mall. Some organizers camped out in tents along Black Lives Matter Plaza.

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