Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, dies at age 57

Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, dies at age 57

    Actress Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, dies at age 57

    John Travolta posted on Instagram page: "My pretty wife Kelly has lost her two-year battle with breast cancer disease. She fought a courageous fight with the support and love of so many peole around her."

    The husband and wife had been married for almost 29 years. Preston's career included roles in Twins, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jerry Maguire and The Cat in the Hat.

    She also participated with her husband on Battlefield Earth and Old Dogs.

    In his post, Travolta pleased for the health workers who had looked after his wife in the hospital"as well as her many friends and beloved ones who have been by her side all the time".

    "I will be taking some time to be there for my kids who have lost their mother, so forgive me in advance if you don't hear from us for a while. But please you should know that I will feel your outpouring of love in the weeks and months ahead as we heal. All my love, JT" So John Travolta is in mourning state now.

    The couple's son Jett Travolta died at the age of 16 in January 2009 from a seizure while a family journey in the Bahamas.

    They have two other children, Ella Bleu and Benjamin.

    Thier doughter Ella wrote on Instagram: "I have never met anyone as courageous, strong, beautiful and caring as you mum."

    A family representative said to People magazine that she died on Sunday morning and that she had kept her cancer diagnosis private.

    "She had been undergoing medical healing for some time, supported by her closest family and friends," as the family representative said.

    "She was a bright, pretty and caring soul who cared deeply about others and who brought life to everything she touched. Her family asks for your understanding of their need for privacy at this period."

    Born Kelly Kamalelehua Smith in Honolulu, she changed her name to Kelly Preston before presenting her first film role in the 1985 romcom Mischief, then appeared in another teen comedy, Secret Admirer.

    Russell Crowe was between the Hollywood super stars paying tribute, remembering Preston as "a lovely person" and a "sparkly eyed gem.

    Keep creating love

    One of Preston's last screen roles was in the 2018 crime biopic Gotti, in which she appeared front of her husband John.

    While promoting the film at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress spoke to reporters about their long relationship between eatch other.

    "We took long time to get to know each other," she said. "Marriage doesn't just happen on its own, you have to keep creating love and spraed it everywhere.

    "We also keep it light. Neither of us like to fight so we purposely do not push each other's buttons and that is the secret of happy marriage life."
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