"echolife" is an online newspaper, established at the beginning of 2020, the magazine publishes various and controversial news, around the world.

    What distinguishes us is that the team in echolife magazine is keen to communicate directly with the sources of information and to bring the news from its source before publishing it on the magazine, which reflects on the credibility of its news and the speed of its transmission to the reader of the magazine.

    All articles and news published on the site express the point of view of their owners and not necessarily the point of view of the site's management.
    Merger Magazine has a large team of highly trained editors, qualified to have a clear picture in front of the reader.

    If there is any content that may be considered or contains any kind of following (misinformation - encouragement of violence, terrorism or sectarian strife - misinformation and deception), please contact us immediately via the contact page, and the necessary measures will be taken as soon as possible.

    Echolife is committed in the news industry to a professional "editorial guide", based on the Journalistic Code of Honor, adheres to journalistic values in the transmission of information, and adheres to objectivity and credibility, with the aim of providing a distinctive news service that can be trusted to all our readers in the world.

    Echolife uses the latest technology to provide the best news services to the reader, in addition to an advanced protection system, to counter intrusion attempts.

    Although the site's management seeks to ensure that credible news content and accurate information are published to satisfy the site's followers, it does not guarantee that the news published is not otherwise published.

    We wish you to have fun with us.